Soybean Aphid App Helps Farmers Diagnose Infestation in the Field

The Aphid Advisor app is a decision-making tool to help determine whether a control action is warranted for Soybean Aphids (Aphis glycines) on soybeans in the province of Ontario, Canada. This app uses aphid and natural enemy numbers, as well as expected population growth rates, to indicate whether there are enough natural enemies to keep aphid populations below action thresholds or if an insecticide application may be needed.

Researchers, crop consultants, agronomists and farmers can load the app to their BlackBerry devices by visiting The app will also be available for iPhones this spring.

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The app is based on research by Rebecca Hallet at the University of Guelph in Ontario. The app user enters the number of aphids found on a representative sample of soybean plants. The next step is to scout for any beneficial aphid predators that can keep aphid populations in check. Once aphid counts and beneficial predators are accounted for, the app will generate an outcome that will say spray, don’t spray or wait.

Another feature of the app is that users can allow their results to be posted to a provincial map of Ontario. The results from users across the province will be represented by color coded markers that will show where the app is generating a spray, don’t spray or wait outcome. This will allow the app to gather data that can be shared by soybean growers and researchers across the province.

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