Foursquare is Likeable, But I Have No Idea Why

Is there ever a TV show that you watch and you have no idea why you take the time to tune in. Have you watched a show and and you are not quite sure why you watch but you are drawn in to it for some strange unintentioned reason? Well I have an app on my Ipad and blackberry that I use everyday but I am truly clueless as to why.

What is Foursquare?

For some strange reason I am drawn to Foursqaure and I don’t know why. Is it the fact my friends get to know that I am in the Denver airport, or is it because might get the chance to win a $1 off a latte at Starbucks? I really have no idea. My best guess is that what draws me to Foursquare is the competition of competing against friends to battle for points based on location and category. Yes I lead a sad life. I have had friends ask me what Foursquare is and it is embarrassing to even suggest that you play this pointless game. People look at me and say, “that’s it?”

I find that my friends come and go from playing Foursquare but every week there is some one that seems they want to play and compete.

In the last six months the Blackberry app has become very similar to the iphone version which makes gameplay very easy and fun. I know that sometimes people think social media is pointless and mindless and Foursquare is definitely that. But for some reason the competition of this location based game draws me into its web of influence and attraction.

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