New App Lets Grain Farmers Bid on the Go



A new app released by Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) this past spring lets farmers bid on grain or input contracts directly from their mobile devices. AgBids, which incorporates bidding technology, was the follow-up to SellSmart, a highly popular market information app launched by GFO in 2011. For the farm organization, going mobile … Read the rest »

AgNition establishes exciting new partnership with GFO


AgNition and Grain Farmers of Ontario are excited to unveil two new smart phone apps for BlackBerry.

The Grain Farmers of Ontario SellSmart app for smartphones was developed two years ago to provide cash bids for grain at basis points across th

e province at a farmer’s fingertips. Now, members are able to use their smart phones not only to … Read the rest »

New Versions of Google Chrome Will Finally Let You Say You Don’t Want Advertisers Spying On You


We kid ourselves when we think we can be completely anonymous on the internet because every click leaves a footprint. The upside is that Google is actually helping with the privacy initiative…


If you’re paranoid about ad networks tracking your behavior and compiling a file on your tastes somewhere, there’s good news. Google Read the rest »

Samsung To Launch ChatON a New Competitor to BBM

How many times have you heard from people, “The only reason that I have a Blackberry is becasue of BBM or Blackberry Messenger.  Well Samsung is going to try and fix that.  Sarah Perez at Techcrunch is reporting this morning that Samsung is launching its own cross platform BBM like app.  On the TechCrunch website, Sarah writes………

Samsung is launching Read the rest »

Alltech Unveils Pork App

Alltech has launched a free app designed to help pork producers become more efficient in the day to day operations of their business. The app delivers 3 features: weather, commodity prices and pig issues and is the first of its kind in the animal health industry.

“After listening to the marketplace, we realized this was something that is sorely needed,”

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